IEEE RAS EMBS 10th International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob 2024), 1-4 September 2024 Heidelberg, Germany


Call for Workshops and Tutorials


Workshops are intended to highlight and concentrate on innovative research within emerging and swiftly evolving intersections of biorobotics and biomechatronics. Tutorials, on the other hand, should offer comprehensive insights into methodologies and techniques expected to drive advancements in fields related to biorobotics and biomechatronics. Proposals should outline how the event will engage participants and facilitate interaction with speakers beyond what is typically possible in regular BioRob sessions.

If an invited speaker or organizer is associated with more than one proposal, this must be indicated by arranging proposals in descending order of priority. In the event of receiving several outstanding proposals on similar topics, acceptance might be contingent on the merging of proposals into a single event.

Proposals must be submitted via PaperPlaza and must address the following points:

•Type and Duration (half-day workshop is advised)




•List of speakers

•Intended audience

•Expected attendance

•Why this workshop/tutorial is not expected to be covered by a regular BioRob session

•Details of other workshops/tutorials where organizers/speakers are involved


•Special requests (equipment or other issues)

Microsoft Word template is available to help structure the proposal. Organizers of accepted proposals will be asked to provide an abstract and a dedicated website for their event.